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Information for Agents and Brokers


An experienced agent or broker knows that the claims process has challenges, it can be complicated, confusing and time consuming for the homeowner or business owner. Most policyholders have no idea what they are up against when disaster strikes and they are facing their insurance company.

Common Goal: The Client First

We understand that an insurance agent or broker has a responsibility to protect the financial well-being of their client. We respect that relationship. We recognize the value of your work striving to the do the right thing, for your client day after day, year after year.

The Right Way to Settle Claims

We believe there is a right way to settle claims. Our first priority is to the policy holder. We take the responsibility to protect the financial well-being of your client seriously. By recommending our services, you are providing your clients with the services of the industry's highly respected public adjusting firm.

Strengthen Your Client's Financial Recovery

Apicella Adjusters is a leading firm of public adjusters skilled and experienced to handle the details of a property loss. When you invite us into the claim process, we work to achieve the maximum financial recovery for your client while respecting and helping to strengthen your established relationship with them.

Our Team on Your Side - A Standard for Excellence

Our team of adjusters have earned the respect of thousands of clients as well as insurance industry professionals. We welcome the opportunity to work with you and your clients to help them survive a catastrophe, pick up the pieces, and rebuild their future.

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